Serious Social Sampling

Sample App is a powerful sampling platform that leverages people's social networks to get your samples into the hands of qualified users quickly and cost-effectively.

Generate and funnel new leads into your email marketing systems and databases faster and more cost effectively than any other way.

Two simple realities make the Sample App a power marketing tool. People love samples & People share things they love.

The Sample App empowers try'ers to easily share your free sample offer with their social networks creating an organic viral spread of your free sample offer.

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Unleash the Viral Power of the Social Community

Generate more leads

With Sample App, as people sign-up for your product sample, they are subscribing to your social marketing channels and also telling their entire friends network about your offer which can cut down on your cost by as much as 82%.

Flexible Design Options

Your Sample App is custom built for your brand. You get a stylish custom app with unlimited design flexibility and social functionality.

Reduce Sampling & Marketing Costs

With more email leads and new social fans you can reach a wider audience that you can market to for the same cost or less than a traditional sampling program.

Mobile Ready (responsive)

Sample App uses "responsive design," so your app is self-optimized for mobile, tablets or desktops. You never have to worry about your sample promotion looking good across different devices.

Amplify word of mouth

Having your new leads share your offer with their friends and contacts through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is a powerful way to increase your brand exposure, with exponential results.

Custom Domains

Run your application on as the subdomain of your choice or run it totally white labelled with your own domain name for the ultimate white label solution.

Email marketing integration

Sample App integrates with most popular email services so you can easily create, send and track emails, newsletters, special promotions and autoresponders to your new leads.

For Social Businesses

Our web application integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Linkedin, and other popular networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands.


Case study about Athletic Xtreme, how they used to spend X to get their samples into the right consumers, and now they spend Y, a 82% savings.

How it works

People love free samples, and they will gladly share your offer with their friends or subscribe to your social channels to get something for free.

The Old Way:
You post a link on your website, or run some ads to tell the world that you have some free samples you want them to try. Then you have to keep run costly ads for as long as you want to keep sending out your product samples. Users have to fill out some form on your website and they get your sample in the mail 6 weeks later.

The SampleApp Way:
People love free samples, and they will gladly share your offer with their friends or subscribe to your social channels to get a free sample. This exposure creates viral referral loops that save marketing budgets, grows your social fan base, and puts your product into the hands of those that want to try it and eventually buy it.

Product sampling is a very valuable tool for increasing brand awareness and growing your consumer base, however ordinary sampling methods will seldom encourage quick word of mouth about your product or brand. With Sample App, you can activate a community of sharers and brand advocates that immediately spread the word about your product to their networks. Sample App increases your leads, social reach and multiplies your consumer base without any additional effort.

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